Thoughts, dreams and matches

I had a bad dream last night. One of the reasons that I am so invested in looking after other people’s mindsets is that I was, once, pretty beset by anxiety dreams. One returned last night. I now know what to do; how to deal with the subsequent feelings and thoughts I experience. Within a few moments, it was gone, dwindling like a match to its charred end.

The imagery is crucial here. Thoughts are very much like matches. If they are used in certain ways, they can start fires. Incredible, powerful, life-changing fires. Every great idea in the world started as a thought. These thoughts can propel you to achieve almost anything; feats of endurance, strength, ingenuity, passion, love and peace, all owe their existence to thought.

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  1. The analogy of the match is brilliant – I’ve never heard of that one before. And also a really good point that if it’s a dream we understand easily that it’s just a dream and will pass, but we can ruminate and let thoughts linger for days. Thanks for sharing this great post!

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