Why are you here?

I am always looking to the world of sport for lessons in mind coaching and teaching. I’m constantly learning from all sport and I love to read about the way that various coaches and managers get better performances from their players.

There‚Äôs a coach at the moment who is making waves in football. Not for his overt management of a few multi-million-pound-a-year footballers, but for how he quietly goes about getting the best out of every player in his team. In fact, his club are becoming well-known for their ability to create very good players – taking players that other clubs aren’t drawn to, and making them a lot better.


  1. This is great! My husband is a teacher and is about to move to a new post so I’ll share this with him! It’s also timely for me as a coach, I’m preparing to get more specific with my niche and branding etc so I need to give some time to this question too

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