Commentary & Communication Seminar

Professional set-ups using Sam

The seminar on offer is based around Sam’s job as a TV rugby commentator but really focuses on great ‘communication’. Attendees will be shown the ‘behind the scenes’ processes that go into broadcasting and what is really going on ‘below the surface’. Sam talks about the amount of different people involved, how much prep he has to do and what it is like before and during the game. It tends to surprise a lot of people, but then there are parallels to other fields.

Sam shows that his preparation is vital but he also has to trust his ability ‘in the moment’; that he is but a small working part of a great team; that listening (rather than talking) is the greater skill; and there is discussion around ‘communication outside of hierarchy’ and ‘followship’. We end on the thought that the good communication skills learnt through sport are very transferable to any decent job in the outside world. There are lots of questions and a chance to understand what it is like as a part of some of the best teams around.

The whole thing takes about an hour (depending on the Q&A) and Sam is happy to spend time with the group afterwards answering any questions. It seems to work incredibly with young players learning team sports but fully experienced adults have also commented on what a light it shines on their lives.

This seminar works best with 10-30 attendees but it can be given to larger numbers. Bookings via this website come at a 50% reduction of the normal price.

What You’ll Learn:

– How a top broadcast team works
– How Sam prepares for a live event
– How communication works best in high pressure and busy environments
– How your team or group can work more effectively through better communication

Sam has 20 years’ experience teaching and coaching and currently broadcasts for some of the best known names in sports media.

No-one else has this sort of experience.

Matt Lishman Academy Manager, Bath Rugby

“Sam provided an engaging and thought provoking seminar to our Junior Academy players at Bath Rugby. He spoke with passion, experience and clarity; giving practical examples of how the skills these young people are developing through rugby are important to all aspects of life. A really valuable workshop for our boys.

Mark Applegarth, Wakefield Trinity Rugby League Academy

“That was world class. Broke down communication to a tee. The lads will have taken so much from that, thank you for giving up your time.”

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“This was a very good and inspirational talk as it gave a showed what skills you need later in life and in general with any sport. Not just rugby. There were tips and detail in his talk about how communication can help around everyday life”
– Jamie C.

“From this seminar, I discovered that sometimes the best communicators will speak less and when they do speak, it will always be helpful to the situation.”
Tom F.