‘Presenting Yourself’

Part of the ‘Cracking the Code of Communication’ Programme

Professional set-ups using Sam

The seminar on offer is based on Sam’s understanding of personal presentation. As a trained actor, currently working in international broadcasting and presenting events to thousands of people, Sam knows some crucial secrets that can help you.

In this online seminar, Sam focuses on self-awareness, understanding how your brand works, non-verbal communication and how you can practice specific elements that will produce results. This seminar is already part of the successful Read2Lead programme.

What You’ll Learn:

– How best to assess the way you come across
– How non-verbal communication works and how you can control these vital messages
– Practical skills to use in real life situations
– How your non-verbal messages can change your life

This seminar works best with 10-30 attendees but it can be given to larger numbers. Bookings via this website come at a 50% reduction of the normal price.

Kevin Mannion Academy Performance Manager, Gloucester Rugby

We used Sam to speak to both our Junior and Senior Academy Players. His session was really engaging and got our boys to think about their own communication skills and how they use them.”

Sam has 20 years’ experience teaching and coaching and currently broadcasts for some of the best known names in sports media.

No-one else has this sort of experience.

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“Sam’s work hooked me. It made me reflect on my own body and paralanguage and think about how it may show me, not only as a person, but as a brand. He explained it all so well and I was gripped by his seminar.” Archie, Y11

“The talk given by Sam was very detailed and a wonderful introduction into the topic of communication.” Katie, Y11