Presentation Coaching

Sam is delighted to be able to offer bespoke, one-on-one coaching for help developing, improving and fine-tuning the way you present. Sam has worked with business people, athletes, students applying to Oxbridge and even young people looking to develop this vital soft skill while still at school.

“Sam’s intervention was key to me presenting in the way I wanted to. Before seeing him, I thought I’d have to be someone else up there on the stage, and it terrified me. He is excellent at working with you, so that you can find the answers.”
Chris B, Elite sportsperson, moving into the business world.

Using his twenty years of experience broadcasting and presenting, coupled with his excellent understanding of performance mindset coaching, you get a little more than your typical training delivery. He is also a professional writer and can help fine tune the speech you want to give in all sorts of ways.

“From the very first meeting, Sam listened intently to my situation and was able to personally coach and help me draft what was the most enjoyable and honest Groom’s speech I could give. He made the whole process pleasurable and I can’t wait to work with him again.”
Ben L, Leamington Spa

He can work on different budgets, tight timescales and is incredible value for money.

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