Performance Mindset

“Whatever your position in life, whatever your age or skills, being in control of the way you think will change the way you feel.”

This website is full of a variety of resources that will help you understand how sportspeople prepare their mindsets. These posts in Performance Resources are continuously being added to and we have some amazing plans.

There are free posts and then some behind a paywall. It is a minimal investment. Just by subscribing you are going to get information and knowledged that is very difficult to access any other way.

Sam also runs live and online sessions where you can get help to change the way you think and get you performing to your best, more consistently: allowing you to be a happier, more confident individual.

Working with Don Macpherson, author of the best selling ‘How to Master Your Monkey Mind’, Sam delivers this life-changing series of workshops to young people and adults alike.

In as little as four sessions, Sam can have you rethinking your appreciation of yourself and your life. Taking the world-renowned work that Don does with top sportspeople, Sam applies the same process to you in your high-performance job or school career. The reviews are extraordinary.

“I feel like this has been a revelation! I thought I was the only one who suffered from ‘imposter syndrome’! The monkey concept is easy to get on board with and it is more comfortable to have ‘monkey chatter’ to blame rather than ‘negative self talk’. I am finding the ‘tools’ are really helping and have used with myself, my teenage children and my classes and have downloaded Don’s book on audible so that I can listen on my walk to work. Thank you Sam, I think you might just have changed my life!” Teacher, Parent, Female

“I have immediately found the lessons I learn in the session applicable in other parts of my life. I definitely think that I can handle even more stressful situations now. I think these sessions are very important.” Y12 boy

Small-Group Mindset shifts shown below – 10 student attendees (all school age)

I think that it is a great thing to attend if you struggle having confidence in yourself. The sessions help you see things more clearly and helps your inner self to be more optimistic. Student, Y8, male

These weekly sessions just reminded me that it is OK to put myself first on occasion. Once I am thinking clearly and contentedly, I can in turn deal with situations and other people more effectively… As someone who is generally quite on top of things and secure in myself, I wasn’t sure how much I would gain. I still gained an awful lot from these sessions and found them very beneficial. Everyone needs a dose of monkey magic!
Teacher, parent, female

I would recommend the Monkey Mind sessions to everyone. It feels like the sessions are catered to dealing with everything in life that we may have to go through. I have gotten so much out of the sessions because unlike similar programs I have been in, it feels like it is very achievable and not out of reach… It is something that doesn’t take much effort to implement in your life but makes a drastic difference. I would recommend the sessions because it increases your awareness of yourself, your success and your emotions. It taught me about removing tensions from situations and why certain things make you happy. I would especially recommend the sessions to anyone who has to do activities under high pressure.
Y12 Student, male

I found the visualising and breathing very useful to me as I do a lot of sports and it helps me get the best performance out of myself. This is all useful, not just in sports but in all aspects of life, especially in the high-pressure situations which are often brought up in the sessions as an example, such as in school.
Y12, Gender not specified

These sessions have been developed with and are endorsed by the ‘Monkey Whisperer’ himself – get his book by clicking the image below:

“It is a privilege to work with you on this significant project.  I totally support you, and am very proud of what you are achieving! Thank you for all you do, Sam.”
Don Macpherson