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Teachers are a high performance group.

As one myself for the last fifteen years, I recognise both how much teachers do, and how criminally under-resourced they are.

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There is a huge amount of similarity between teaching and elite sport. The planning and preparation; the way communication is crucial; the need to perform at your best, time and again.

There is also the imperfect nature of what they are trying to do. Many athletes will tell you that they can always look back on a match/game/performance and show you where they could/would/should have done better. It’s exactly the same for teachers and that is why a teacher’s mindset is so important.

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This website is a place teachers can come to learn more about how they can look after their mindsets. Using sport as a way to show them how tools and resources will work, I will share knowledge and understanding to allow them to take better care of their minds.

For instance, these MP3 recordings are available to help refocus a teacher’s thoughts and channel their mind in the right way. They are specifically written and produced for teachers, and they utilise exactly the same tools top sportpeople use. You can download and keep them.

Over the comings weeks, we will be adding more and more to this website and we are very excited about what we will be able to share.

Please have a look at the other recordings and blogs available right now and continue to check back in with me. You can follow my page on Facebook or on Twitter. If you want to get in contact you can email me sam@samrobertsspeaking.com