If you need an MC, Auctioneer, Presenter or Voice Over Artist, Sam Roberts could well be the man for you. With nearly 20 years experience in front of audiences, he will hit the right note and make sure things work.

Master of Ceremonies, Host, Presenter

Whether it be a music concert, sporting event, charity ball, sportsman’s dinner, social occasion or business gathering, having an MC can knit it all together, make sure it doesn’t drag, and bring humour and encouragement where necessary.

Sam has worked on many functions, dinners and gala events – if you need advice on how best to put your together, get in touch. He’d be happy to help you. Sam Roberts will make your event just that little bit better.

“Not having a good MC can plunge an event into a rudderless, toe curling shambles. Sam is a good captain for your ship. Everyone seems to know what’s going on and they enjoy it a lot more.”
Ted Carroll, An Evening with Liverpool Legends, MK Stadium.


Auctions are a great way to raise money but if you don’t have the right man in the middle you can end up woefully short of your target. Sam has auctioned off thousands of items (usually for more than they’re worth!) and with his quick wit and repartee, he entertains those not interested in bidding.

Looking to build a great auction? Sam’s many contacts means he can secure you some excellent lots to raise extra funds and make your evening even more special

“Sam is one of the best on the circuit. He gets more money than anyone else and everyone has a great time watching him do his stuff.”
Caroline Swanson, Spotlight on Africa.

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